About DuoXuan

Introduction DuoXuan
To produce and supply customer the range of baby clothes,underwear etc.
core business is to be our customers preferred partner and supplier.

We support our customer in production,packaging,product development.

To better distinguish advantage of our core business,We have own export Department and belowing branches.

  • Export Dept.Professional Order Merchandiser ,QC team and product development dept.

  • Subcontractor Resources and Material+access Resources Dept.

  • Factoriers Branch:Baby and Kids clothes branch factory,Underwear Clothes branch factory.

  • Standard of DuoXuan and Being Requested all of our supplier & subcontractor

Looking forward to cooperate with you in future.Please use the menu bar to learn more about us and don't hesitate to contact us if you are left with any clothes product MADE IN CHINA.

Factory Pictures
Good workshop 1
Good workshop 1
Cutting bed
Embroidery workshop
Weaving workshop
QC workshop
Printing workshop 1
Printing workshop 2